Actor Sajid Hasan shares harrowing story of hair transplant mishap

LAHORE: Veteran Pakistan actor Sajid Hasan on Sunday shared his dreadful experience of a recently done hair transplant going wrong.

In a video message, Sajid shows a harrowing open wound on his scalp as result of a poorly executed hair transplant done by one of his acquaintance, who also happens to be a medical doctor.

Sajid said that the doctor had, for a long time, been asking him to get a hair treatment. He finally accepted the plea two months ago, but it turned out to be disastrous for the 59-year-old.

The actor stated that no medical tests were conducted prior to the surgery and that a few days after the treatment started, he started to feel ill. The doctor, however, assured him that ‘all is ok.’

Warning: video contains disturbing content

Sajid added that his injury has been causing all sorts of problems in his personal and professional life. “I am suffering a lot, for doctor’s negligence and not cleaning the wound properly. So is my family. I have been facing extreme problems for the last two months and had to suffer professionally too,” he said.

Twitter responds to Sajid Hasan’s ordeal

Users on Twitter have wished Sajid a speedy recovery, while some have expressed concern over the incident.

Some also criticised the veteran actor for a lack of research and consultancy before he made such a move.

Sajid pointed out in the concluding remarks of his video that “go to the right surgeon and do a lot of research beforehand. This (bows his head to show wounds) is what happens when you go to the wrong guy”.