Fake Feminists

By dictating to other women what’s best for them, consistently underestimating their capabilities, and making young girls believe that they will remain victimised forever in America, you are actually disempowering them as much as any misogynist does.

Putting women out of work by bullying society while you narrow the definition of what is acceptable is not what a real feminist stands for. Your intolerance for independent women making their own way sets the equality movement back tremendously, while your efforts define “hypocrisy.”

Knowingly or not, you are advocating woman shrink back in society and depend on others to make their choices, direct their paths, and provide for them.

With “feminists” like these, who needs misogynists men?

Fans should revolt and make their voices heard louder than the feminazis who convinced the wimps to put women out of work. Real feminists, call to action: Formula 1 needs to hear your roar.

Published in Daily Times, February 3rd 2018.