Ch Nisar: a critical appraisal

Why and how Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan is still a constant bone of contention between the opposition and the government?

Why did the former Interior Minister fail to become a blue-eyed boy for the opposition, especially for the Pakistan Peoples’ Party?

Why and how Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan is still a constant bone of contention between the opposition and the government? What causes Nisar to act in such an unparalleled fearless manner? A majority of Pakistani political analysts have been a staunch and stern critic of Nisar Ali Khan, but none of them has ever raised a single question about his honesty and credibility. Ostensibly, the immaculate political career of Nisar has been able to out-flank his opponents.

Just after the military coup in 1999, Nisar was put under house arrest and after the expulsion of Sharif family, he kept the PML-N alive despite of numerous hurdles because of his steadfastness and determination. Gen Musharraf offered him many opportunities as a bribery to betray Nawaz Sharif and PML-N but Nisar remained loyal and faithful. The personality and character of a man become vulnerable at times such as the post-1999 coup, but these times of distress and calamity reveal courageous men like Nisar.

The most recent Dawn-leaks issue was perceived by the opposition parties as the opening of a beginning that they could exploit to bring the government-military relations to a point of no return. As a consequence they would be in a position to topple down the government for a snap election. One may disagree, but the decisively positive role played by Nisar in resolving the Dawn-leaks issue will be remembered for decades.

Why hasn’t there ever been any allegation of corruption against Chaudhry Nisar or his family? Even his political opponents can’t deny his transparent conduct

He not only diluted the issue in an amicable way but also brought the government and military leaderships more close. His criticism of using ‘Twitter’ for communication was acknowledged by the military. The press conference by DG ISPR not only saved democracy but it also overcame a huge national security threat. Nisar’s role, instead of being praised, met heavy criticism — perhaps due to the biasness and narrow-mindedness prevailing in some people. However, the Ministry of Interior must ensure to prevent such leaks from happening again.

Why nobody has ever seen Nisar’s family in any controversial matter? Why there has been not a single allegation of corruption or embezzlement against him or his family? His opponents even cannot deny his transparent conduct. The Minister of Interior made it possible to unveil Ayyan Ali and her connections with some political leaders. No one could have imagined that a powerful woman like Ayyan Ali would have to spend time in jail and face legal proceedings. Though, the Honourable Court let her walk out of Pakistan, but the efforts made by Nisar put a significant halt on money laundering. It was the bold Nisar, who said that the ‘plane tickets for Ayyan Ali and Bilawal Bhutto were purchased from the same account’.

It is quite strange that the Honourable Leader of the Opposition Khurshid Shah seems ever busy in maligning the former Federal Interior Minister and kept on asking for his resignation. Perhaps Khurshid Shah has forgotten his own party PPP’s Memo-Gate Scandal and the secret protocols of Kerry-Luger Bill. PPP’s hatred towards Nisar is primarily due to Ayyan Ali and the Karachi Operation. Nisar showed appreciable restraint on the indecent remarks of Aitzaz Ahsan.

While, Aitzaz in the same capacity of Federal Interior Minister, allegedly handed over the lists of ‘Babbar Khalsa’ to India; thus seriously devastated the Sikh Khalistan Independence Movement. Nisar pursued the cases against Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s former chief Altaf Hussain and met several times with Scotland Yard officials. Had the British Authorities been acting independently free from the Royal influence, Nisar would have brought Altaf to justice.

Nisar held the portfolio of the Federal Interior Minister but few are aware that the ministry also controls Civil Defence, Immigration and Passport, Narcotics Control, Islamabad Capital Territory Administration, NACTA, FIA, NADRA, Coast Guard and the Frontier Constabulary as well. There is absolutely no doubt that Nisar has had out-performed the rest of the Government machinery.

Some elements in the society criticised Nisar for delaying the implementation of the National Action Plan but it is obvious that it is pretty much difficult to wipe out the filth and corruption. There is a universal phenomenon that people begin to expect from those who have the potential or perhaps the intention to deliver. It is a common observation that in families, parents tend to expect from that child among the rest who is relatively better. The same analogy applies here. People expect a lot more from former Federal Minister Nisar and the Ministry of Interior. Apart from his concentrated efforts, it is requested and prayed that the Interior Minister may please pay his special attention to eradicate the vermin of narcotics in educational institutions especially in colleges and universities. There are a handful of politicians in Pakistan who are patriot and loyal to the nation wholeheartedly — Nisar can be said as an example.

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Published in Daily Times, January 29th 2018.