#ShaheedSalmanTaseer trends as tributes pour in

For all those who are unaware, Salman Shaheed Taseer, late Governor Punjab, became the first non-American to be honoured with the Martin Luther King Junior Peace Award for his sustained efforts in promoting human rights and peace.

This prestigious award is given to Taseer in the wake of the nation being deeply divided in its opinion about credentials of martyrdom and bravery and upholding ideals of truth, justice as well as standing strong and tall against the mighty force of religious fanatics who seem ready to devour any sign of infidelity at first sight.

While the United States has honoured Taseer for his courage, he unfortunately and undeniably remains one of the most controversial martyrs in his own country.

The people of the Islamic Republic choose their respective martyrs at will, this is followed by the clerics and politicians who then follow the popular beat, further fuelling the prevailing confusion that clouds the ordinary people of the country, half of which supposedly claim to be ‘educated’ and hide themsleves behind a mask of ignorance because of course, ‘ignorance’ is easy to succumb to.

Social media was abuzz with activists, journalists and the like commemorating Salman Taseer’s death anniversary today. Seven years later, it is our moral duty to remember and salute the unsung hero of our society, the one who laid his life for the sake of his courage and valour.

It is true that the most vulnerable people in our dark society are those who speak the fearless truth.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.