Seven Bollywood item songs to die for

The ultimate item songs from Bollywood in our new epoch of the 21st century are the following deadly seven

‘CHAIYYA CHAIYYA’ — this track is from the movie ‘Dil Se’ featuring Malaika Arora. This heart shattering and trend setting number performed on top of a moving train with Shahrukh Khan set the ball rolling for times to come. It is an item number through and through. This catchy tune might even be playing in your head already.

‘CHIKNI CHAMELI’ — this is the second of Katrina Kaif’s two top item songs mentioned in this list. The remake of the 1990’s classic ‘Agneepath’ stood out one for Sanjay Dutt’s excellent portrayal of the villainous character and second for the sexy item number performed by Kaif with such gay abandon that it definitely puts to shame lesser mortals who claimed to know how to “move it”.

‘FEVICOL SE’ — Kareena Kapoor’s trailblazing effort put in the song “Fevicol se” from the movie ‘Dabangg 2’ competes every inch with Kaif, Padukone and Arora’s explosive numbers, bordering on the outer limits of not only raunchiness but also bawdiness and tackiness to some. However, out and out a winner with all classes of the populace all the way from rickshaw drivers to DJs.

‘ISHQ KAMINA’ — an item song to match “Chaiyya Chaiyya” dance moves was no other than “Ishq kamina” from the movie ‘Shakti’. Interestingly, you can see Shahrukh Khan in both the numbers. Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan not only looks fabulous but raised the bar by the sheer sexiness and raunchiness of her moves. It is an inimitable item number with no relevance to the story at all and filmed as a dream sequence of the main protagonist in the movie.

‘LOVELY’ — how could Deepika Padukone be left behind in the race of bagging the hottest item number of them all? “Lovely”, without a doubt, trumped all attempts by the Katrinas and Malikas of Bollywood. Deepika Padukone beat them all hands down, with that on-point outfit, those perfect hair and a well-toned body worthy of envy. It does not become hotter and saucier than this item number from the movie ‘Happy New Year’.

‘MUNNI BADNAAM HUI’ — Malaika Arora’s other smasher, this time with Salman Khan, broke the records with every conceivable superlative. This hot number from ‘Dabangg’ set not only the cash register ringing but jaws dropping as well. The comic element in the song set it apart as an item number, which can certainly be termed as the mother of all item numbers.

‘SHEILA KI JAWANI’ — Farah Khan is the ultimate entertainer, and to prove her credentials what better example than the item number to set the screens ablaze from her directorial blockbuster ‘Tees Maar Khan’. Katrina Kaif is at the peak of her profession here – an item song, which could clearly qualify as an anthem for women’s lib.

Published in Daily Times, December 8th 2017.