Five things that touch my heart about Lahore

Lahore: A city with beautiful faces and hearts, a town with a variety of spicy foods and a place where glittering and shiny markets grab you towards their shops. Lahore, also famous for its history, culture, and tradition attracts so many tourists every year.

  1. Hospitality

I have come to find out that Lahori people are the jolliest and most welcoming people in Pakistan. One of my experiences revolved around an incident where I went to my friend house in Chiniot. Her family and cousin treated me like a princess. Everybody was trying to give me a homely environment. Her mother was particularly amazing with whatever food I liked. She would say, “I will make more and pack it for you”. Her warm hug and kiss on my forehead during our final goodbye made both me and her very emotional.

  1. Spicy food

Lahore is that one place where we can find spicy food in every nook and corner of the city. Biryani, Chicken tikka, Kadahi, Chicken Achari – their desi food is absolutely mouthwatering. Nobody can deny Lahore’s desi food when it is served in front of you on the table.

  1. Shiny and glittering markets

Heavily embroidered shalwar kurtas, high heels, flat shoes designed with glittering stones, ornaments and jewelry in a plethora of designs – shops decorated with lots of lights and fascinating armour are a staple feature of the bustling city.

  1. Cultural heritage

Lahore alone carries a huge history of Pakistan with its historical places like the Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Fort, Anarkali Tomb, Lahore Museum and many more. People in Lahore mostly belong to the Punjabi family and here we can be witness to the typical Punjabi culture, lifestyle, language, and food.

  1. Lush-green gardens and nightlife

This city offers a number of beautiful and aesthetic gardens to see. The most amazing thing I felt about Lahore is how the people can enjoy their rides by watching the beautiful gardens laden on the sides of the roads. Big green trees make the city appear even more beautiful and natural. Similarly, if you are in Lahore and you have missed the nightlife then I would say that you’re rather unlucky. Lahore wakes up in the evening and scatters its glowing charm till midnight.