Nuclear weapons experts urge Trump to abide by Iran deal

Nuclear weapons experts urge Trump to abide by Iran deal

LAHORE: Nuclear weapons experts have urged US President Donald Trump to abide by the Iran deal.

The deal between six world powers and Iran led to Iran calling off its nuclear program in return for the lifting of economic sanctations imposed upon it.

In light of the recent criticism of the deal by Trump, a body of nuclear weapons experts which includes academics and former State Department officials have urged Trump to abide by it citing concerns about Iran's development of nuclear weapons in case the deal is called off.

The deal that took effect in January 2016 created an envirnoment of transparency by granting IAEA officials complete access to Iran's nuclear facilities in order to keep an eye for any violations of the pact.

Recently, Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations called the deal flawed and alleged that Iran had violated the deal on multiple occasions despite IAEA officially confirming Iran's compliance of the deal.

Experts suggested that the while monitoring efforts need to be strengthened, the calling off of the deal and reimposing sanctions upon Iran would only give the it a chance to resume its efforts in the development of nuclear weapons.