Israeli troops shoot dead Palestinian 'attacker' in refugee camp

Israeli troops shoot dead Palestinian 'attacker' in refugee camp

JERUSALEM: The Israeli Army in a statement on Tuesday said that troops in the occupied West Bank had shot dead a Palestinian who allegedly attacked them with a knife during an operation to arrest suspected militants.

The military statement said that the incident took place at Al-Fara Palestinian Refugee Camp, northeast of the city of Nablus, and added that no soldiers were injured in the attack.

The statement said, "An assailant, armed with a knife attempted to stab soldiers on operational activity to arrest suspects," adding that, "Forces called the attacker to halt and, upon his continued advance, fired toward him, resulting in his death."

The statement also said that people in the camp hurled explosives at the soldiers and shot at them.

The Al-Fara incident comes less than 48 hours after a Palestinian rammed a truck into troops visiting a Jerusalem tourist site, killing four soldiers in a stark reminder of tensions despite a recent lull in violence.