Snake ‘wreaks havoc’ on a plane

Snake ‘wreaks havoc’ on a plane

OMAN: An Emirates flight, from Oman to Dubai, was cancelled after the staff found a snake on the plane.

Flight EK0863 was cancelled after the reptile was found in the cargo hold by baggage handlers. The snake was found on the cargo by the baggage handlers that lead to the Flight EK0863 to be cancelled

According to a spokesperson of the airline, the snake was spotted before the passengers were on board. The plane was searched several times before the passengers got on board and after the plane landed in Dubai.

The specie of the snakes wasn’t specified by anyone, nor was further information, regarding the snake being dangerous, given out. The airlines refused to give out any information about the incident.

Social media compared the incident with the famous thriller movie, ‘Snakes on a plane’,starring Samuel L Jackson, where the passengers face several poisonous snakes on a flight.

However, it’s not the first time a snake has tried to travel on a plane free of charge. Last year in November, on a Mexican flight, a meter long snake fell from the overhead compartment that shocked the passengers. In 2013, a 10 ft python was found hanging to the wing as the plane flew from Australian towns of Cairns to Port Moresby in Papua.