India can only live in peace by resolving Kashmir issue

* Report says lull in stone pelting and street protests are temporary and there is 'worst to come'

India can only live in peace by resolving Kashmir issue

SRINAGAR: A delegation led by former Indian external affairs minister Yashwant Sinha has warned of catastrophic situation in the Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) if India fails to accept ground realties.

The report said that the Kashmiris were of firm belief that pro-India local political parties could not find solution to the issue and if India failed to accept the ground realties, "Kashmir can witness catastrophic situation in 2017 and 2018".

The report states that lull in stone pelting and street protests were temporary and there would be "worst to come". The report framed by the five-member team states the Kashmiris believe that there is a crisis of acknowledgement of the Kashmir problem with the Indian state.

"The Kashmiri people feel that India refuses to recognize that Kashmir is a political problem and, therefore, requires a political solution. Almost every Kashmiri we met said that there was a need for a one time political settlement and that unless the basic political issue was resolved, death and destruction would continue to visit Kashmir with increasing frequency."

The report states the Kashmiris claim that they have lost faith in India because it has failed them.

"Now the trust-deficit is widening. Some Kashmiris believe that the Indian state looks at Kashmir through the framework of national security," reads the report.