Yemen loyalists’ offense against rebels kills 17

Yemen loyalists’ offense against rebels kills 17



ADEN: Forces of the Yemeni government attacked rebel positions on the Red Sea coast on Saturday, sparking clashes that killed six soldiers and 11 rebels.

According to a loyalist commander, the assault on the coastal district of Dhubab came after the government sent reinforcements from its headquarters in Aden. The government and its allies in a Saudi-led coalition recaptured the strait in October 2015.

But the rebels still control nearly all of Yemen’s Red Sea coast to the north, posing what the coalition says is a threat to international shipping.

In September and October, two US warships and a United Arab Emirates vessel, contracted to the coalition, were targeted by missile fire from rebel-held territory.

The commander said that the loyalist’s offence failed to dislodge the rebels from their positions as they put up fierce resistance, leaving many wounded on both sides.