Neymar Jr’s Five returns to Pakistan

Neymar Jr’s Five returns to Pakistan

KARACHI: The second edition of Neymar Jr’s Five returns to Pakistan, targeting four cities; Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar (April 14, 15, 16) and Islamabad (April 21, 22, 23). After the qualifying round, four teams from four cities will then compete on the 23rd of April in Islamabad at the national finals with the hope to represent Pakistan at the world finals in Brazil (July 2017).

Neymar Jr’s Five made an impact in its debut year in 2016, with more than 10,000 teams and 65,000 players in 47 countries, including Pakistan, vying for overall victory in the world’s biggest five-a-side football tournament. This time it will be bigger, with regional qualifiers in 53 countries, including Pakistan, and a rule change, giving more players the chance to compete. The 2017 tournament is again open to teams of five to seven players aged 16 to 25, but for the first time two over-aged players are allowed as part of each squad.

In order to take part in the tournament you have to first register your team. Neymar Jr’s Five is the Brazilian forward’s signature football tournament which puts two 5-a-side teams in 10-minute matches, with a twist. Every time one team scores, the opposing team loses a player, paving the way for fast, tactical, and technical showdowns. Tens of thousands of players will set out with the hope of making it all the way from regional qualifiers to their national final and on to the World Final at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in Praia Grande, Brazil.

Neymar Jr’s Five provides a unique challenge to players the world over, inspired by the street football Neymar Jr himself grew up playing. The Barcelona and Brazil forward cannot wait to see a new season of this remarkable tournament kick off. “I always played with my friends, using small goals,” he said. “The tournament reminds me of my childhood and I am very proud of it. To win the five-a-side games and outplay them all, you need strategy and a good understanding of what the best moment is to attack and defend. A good defence is very important as well and can bring your team very far in the tournament.”

Brazil’s Anjos da Bola, the 2016 World Champions, were rewarded with a VIP trip to Barcelona, where they got to spend time with Neymar Jr himself at the FC Barcelona training ground. “Meeting the winners was incredible!” said Neymar Jr. “Now I can’t wait to see who makes it through to the 2017 World Final at my Instituto in Brazil.”


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The second edition of Neymar Jr’s Five kicks-off in Pakistan as per the following timelines:

- Registrations open: March 31, 2017

- Registrations close: April 12, 2017

- Qualifiers Round in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar: April 14, 15, 16; 2017

- Qualifier Round in Islamabad: April 21, 22, 23; 2017

- National Finals (Islamabad): April 23; 2017