Pakistani women impress in match against Arsenal

Goal keeper Mahpara Shahid and 17-year-old midfielder Zulfia Nazeer astounded many with their technique

Pakistani women impress in match against Arsenal

DUBAI:Two Pakistani women footballers have seemingly impressed many with their skills and technique in their first game of IFA women’s football league that began in United Arab Emirates (UAE) on February 1.

Goalkeeper of the national women’s team, 22-year-old Mahpara Shahid, and 17-year-old midfielder Zulfia Nazeer were in action against Arsenal Women Football Club in Dubai.

Both Pakistani players were recently been signed by Dubai-based Rossoneri Football Club, whose head coach, Aymen, is from Jordan. While speaking to a private news channel, Aymen appreciated the skills and expertise of both the players.

“Actually, I am really surprised to see Mahpara and Zulfia in their first match in Dubai. I hope the team would benefit from both these Pakistani players as well as they would learn from International players from US, UK, Syria, Lebanon and Morroco who are part of our Rossoneri Football Club.”Mahpara Shahid and Zulfia Nazeer were also excited to play with the players of different nationalities.

After playing her first league match in Dubai’s Jumairah Village Triangle, goalkeeper MahparaShahid realised that the standard of Rossoneri Football Club’s players is really high. She expressed hope that they would definitely learn from the experiences of her teammates.

It wasn’t that easy for both the Pakistani players because as soon as they landed in the UAE, they kept their luggage in hotel and came to the ground to play their first match without any rest.

ZulfiaNazeer said that a player, specially a midfielder, should know the team players well but she did not even know their names. Nazeer said that she gave her best and was satisfied with her performance.

Rossoneri Football Club’s Moroccan captain Dunia was also amazed to play with Pakistani players. She said that Pakistani players’ inclusion in the Rossoneri Football Club would be a great experience.

Interestingly, Zulfia Nazeer also attended a training camp organised by Barcelona FC in Dubai recently. Now it seems that the duo have luckily got a chance to improve their skills and learn from the international exposure.

Unfortunately, the constant battle of power amongst two groups in Pakistan Football Federation has led to a dearth of activities related to the sport in the country since 2014.

Rossoneri Football Club assistant coach Muhammad Azeem, who belongs to Pakistan, said that he insisted the club and its management to include some Pakistani players so finally Mahpara and Zulfia were included in the club. He added that the club had also signed six more Pakistani players including four from men’s team, but the club could not invite them because of lack of sponsorship.