Messi, Neymar beaten to FIFA top three shortlist

Messi, Neymar beaten to FIFA top three shortlist

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian footballer beats the likes of Neymar and Messi to secure a place in FIFA’s shortlist for top three goals of the year.

Midfielder Mohamad Faiz Subri’s stunning strike from a free kick - for Penang state in the Malaysian Super League - was an astounding reminder of the swerving thunderbolt by the Brazilian legend, Roberto Carlos against France in 1997.

Footage of the 29-year-old scoring a viciously goal from 35 metres (115 feet) went viral, making him a superstar in Malaysia. “This is something I will remember forever as it motivates me to improve my game,” Faiz told AFP on Thursday, “Football brings people together and football supporters here belong to different races, Chinese, Indians and Malays, and every one of them voted for my goal.”

Link to the goal:

The Ten FIFA Puskas Award 2016 finalists, chosen from thousands of goals scored around the world between September 2015 and September 2016, were revealed last month.

FIFA announced that Brazil’s Marlone and Venezuela’s woman footballer Stephanie Roche were joining Faiz on the shortlist. The winner will be announced on January 9 in Zurich, so for now, Malaysian football sensation has to playing it cool. “It’s not time for partying yet,” Faiz said, “Let's wait till January 9.”