WWF organises tableau to highlight importance of Earth Day

WWF organises tableau to highlight importance of Earth Day

KARACHI: Earth Day, an international day which is observed every year on April 22 to mark the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature, WWF-Pakistan had organized a speech competition and tableaus by student in collaboration with a pharmaceuticals company in Karachi to highlight the importance of this international event.

The event was organized at the pharmaceutical company, Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals (Pakistan) Ltd's office in Korangi Industrial Area on Saturday.

During the ceremony, large number of the students participated and through presented tableaus, they highlighted the importance of this international day.

The theme for 2017 Environmental and Climate Literacy highlights the vital role of education in providing solutions to challenges confronting Mother Earth. It also provides an opportunity to engage and educate the youth who can make a significant contribution towards conservation of Earth's resources in the country.

Commenting on the day, Hammad Naqi Khan, Director General WWF-Pakistan said that education can play a pivotal role in addressing environmental problems which are increasing day by day. It can also help create public support for conservation of Earth's resources and can be a voice for change.

With quality education, we can inspire action towards environmental protection and sensitize people to adapt green technologies. He was of the view that people should switch to alternative energy, discontinue use of plastic bags, conserve freshwater bodies and make effective and wise use of natural resources.

He also stated that since the last couple of years, humans have been breaking the wrong kind of record - the rising temperature record. Each passing year is declared the hottest year compared to the previous one. It is time to take environmental and climate issues seriously and mobilizes people to develop public momentum to mitigate greenhouse emissions, increase tree cover, reduce pollution and protect endangered species. He also emphasized that environmental education should be a compulsory subject and taught in schools across the country.