Students at Karachi's public schools a thousand steps back

Students at Karachi's public schools a thousand steps back

KARACHI: It's been nearly five years since no student from government-run schools could make it to top 1,000 positions in the examinations of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Karachi, official data revealed.

The performance of the Karachi public schools has exposed tall claims of the Sindh government and has raised many an eyebrows as future of thousands of students is at stake.

Contrary, these Karachi's public schools are hardly share anything remarkable for those students who are enrolled in despite the biographical records and memoirs of Pakistan's renowned people included literary personalities, well-known professors, social reformers, and shrewd politicians have frequent references to those Public schools in the past.

In order to assess the performance of those Public schools could be easily determined from the Metric Board's results. The data is not only exposes the government's education policy but also many questions comes up regarding teaching faculties.

The BSEK's official data reveals that last annual examination was conducted in 20116, in which 41875 students of the government schools participated (science group) in that examination. However, 17196 of the total students were declared failed. In those failed students, 8895 were boys while 8301 were girls.

The statistics of the same year further reveals that 11692 students of the science group had obtained A-One grade, in which only 176 students were from Public schools.

In the BSEK's yearly examination 2015, there were 47375 Public schools' students of science group attempted their question papers, in which 23254 students were considered failed who couldn't pass the annual exam of BSEK. In the same examination, 7165 students had graded A-One overall but only 95 students of the government schools graded A-One.

In 2014, total number of 46788 examinees from government schools appeared in examination. In those students, 24018 could not pass the examination. Throughout 9255 students scored A-One's grade but merely 134 students of government schools grabbed A-One.

Similarly, the BSEK's annual examination 2013 was proved very frustrated for the students of government schools. In that examination, 48112 students of Public schools participated but 21133 students could not pass any a single paper. Amazingly overall ratio of the A-One graded students was much better and 16381 students obtained A-One grade but out of them only 364 students of government schools obtained A-One grade.

In 2012, total number of 45879 government schools' students appeared in the yearly examination of BSEK, in which 20912 candidates were declared failed. Out of the failed students, 10283 were boys while 10629 were girls. In the same exam, 14185 students had got A-One grade and only 283 of government schools' students got A-One grade.