Students have no place to get education

Students have no place to get education

KARACHI: Despite educational emergency in the province, the depilated building of two Government Girls Schools is awaiting for reconstruction since 2013, situated in the downtown near City Court, Daily Time has learnt .

Loco Islamia Government Girls Schools and New Ideal Girls Primary Schools which are being run in the same building are in depilated and dangerous condition. Therefore the administration of both the schools took the decision of shifting those schools to New Mansion Government Girls High Schools with the proper permission of Education and Literacy Department (ELD).

The administration of the schools also requested to the officials of ELD for the renovation of building but even after the passage of 3 years even a bit of work has not been done by ELD.

Enrollment ratio of both schools has been decreased because both schools have no proper building and student of the primary level can't attend their classes in the new building which is away from their homes.

Drug peddlers have stolen around every useful and valuable thing from the old building of the schools because of the unavailability of proper security and officials of Schools Education Department have almost neglected the condition of building.

"A number of applications have been sent to ELD, Directorate of Schools, Works and Services Department but none of them is ready to take the responsibility and of the reconstruction of building" Maria Gazdar, Principal of the Loco Islamia Girls School said.

Heavy traffic can be seen on the roads of old city area and the minor student are not able to cross the roads while there is no other public school for girls in the area especially for the students of primary level. The enrollment has decreased because of the situation and most of the poor students are deprived of basic education, she added.

"We are running four schools in the single building of New Mansion Government Girls High Schools but it is very difficult for us to keep all classes going at the same time because the students of all the schools make it a noisy environment", Nasreen Akhtar, Principal of New Ideal Government School told.

Similarly, there are no proper class-rooms for students and the staff of both the schools does not have enough resources to get a building on rent for them. Consequently, teaching and learning process has been halted for past three years, she added.

She also showed hers concerns about the Schools Education Department's (SED) merging policy of schools "campus schools is not a good system because each school level's students are treated in different ways then how it's possible for a single principal to look after all the matter of each level"

Ironically, earlier each school was receiving School Management Committee (SMC)'s funds separately but now it is only released for the campus school which means other schools of a campus do not receive any SMC.

She demanded that Schools Education Department and Reforms Support Unit should take immediate steps for the reconstruction of school because the students are ones who are really suffering and its disturbing their basic education .