Karachi still has 60 hot spots of street crimes

  Karachi still has 60 hot spots of street crimes

KARACHI: Despite the passage of more than three years of Karachi operation, which is claimed to be successful by the Rangers and the provincial government. The street crime, which has always remained a major problem for Karachi, couldn't end in the city last year.

The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) has identified sixty 'hot spots' in Karachi where most incidents of snatching took place .

In a report issued on Monday, CLPC has identified these 'hot spots' where the street criminals operate the most and snatchings take place.

These areas including PIDC, Tariq Road, Sakhi Hassan, Hassan Square, Bahadurabad, Aisha Manzil and the NIPA Chowrangi which are are high-risk areas and even some areas in city's posh localities such as Defence and Clifton are also considered as favorite spots for the criminals involved in street crimes.

The mini-food street at Do Darya, which is a part of DHA is also not safe from the street criminals. The road from Seaview to Do Darya was highlighted as a zone where muggers hold picnickers at gunpoint and rob them of their belongings.

According to CPLC the roads leading to Five Star Chowrangi from Qalandria Chowk, North Nazimabad are also few of those spots where armed robberies have became routine and robbers loot people of their cash, mobile phones and other valuables.

Hassan Square's mini-food street, the road leading to Bahadurabad and Tariq Road from Jail Chowrangi and the route between Safari Park and Karachi University are also labeled unsafe.

Beside that the CPLC also has also labeled areas between Golimar and New Karachi, Liquatabad to Yousuf Plaza, Kala Pul to Korangi and Defence Library, Gulshan-e-Iqbal (Sabzi Mandi) to Malir Cantonment as an unsafe in terms of street crimes.

CPLC has cautioned citizens to be careful on these roads to in order to avoid being robbed.

The CPLC report further states that in 2016, 19,336 cases of mobile snatching were reported and thus the street crime has grown by 38 percent in the city as compared to 2015.

"Besides mobile snatching, around 22,358 motorcycles were snatched, which is 24 percent more as compared to 2015," stated the report.

However, CPLC has claimed that car theft and its snatching incidents have reduced substantially in Karachi during 2016.