Lawyers say no to military courts  

Lawyers say no  to military courts   

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Wednesday rejected the proposal for extension to military courts and pledged that the legal fraternity would not tolerate establishment of military courts, as the practice amounted to disfiguring the face of the country.

LHCBA President Rana Zia Abdur Rehman and other elected members denounced the establishment of military courts and termed it a violation of fundamental rights.

They said that the military courts were not a solution to terrorism. The said that the legal fraternity was the worst victim of terrorism and were in favour of strict punishment for the terrorists, but military courts were not a right solution to combat the menace.

They announced that the lawyers would not allow parliament usurp the fundamental rights of the citizens under the garb of military courts. They urged the government to take up its responsibility with dignity and not hide behind military courts.