CTP launches fresh awareness campaign for road users in city

CTP launches fresh awareness campaign for road users in city

LAHORE: The City Traffic Police (CTP) on Wednesday launched a fresh awareness campaign across the city to educate road users, especially the youth and students, regarding the use of helmets and seat belts.

Sources said that the traffic police authorities have planned to make the drivers follow the relevant traffic laws just to minimise casualties in case of an accident.

They have also planned to meet the international standards of road safety. Source said that like previous campaigns, traffic police officials would educate road users about benefits of fastening seat belts while driving.

Deputy Inspector General (Traffic) Captain (r) Syed Ahmad said that during driving the use of helmet and seat belt could diminish the loss risk to a certain extend in case of an accident, which was why the department would ensure that these safety measures were put in place.

The CTP Lahore launched a special awareness campaign regarding the significance and necessity of the use of helmets and seat belts, and for that purpose all the traffic officers to wardens are actively participating in this awareness drive, with special focus on the youth.

"The need of the hour is to encourage the youth to use helmets and seat belts," the DIG said, and added that besides educating the citizens, traffic wardens had also been directed to make sure that the people abided by traffic laws.

He said that offenders would be issued tickets with high penalties so that they think twice before violating the laws. He said that in case of accidents, those not wearing helmets and fastening seat belts usually suffered from severe injuries, some of which proved to be fatal.

The chief traffic officer said that parents must monitor their children, especially underage drivers, and discourage those driving bikes or cars without a licence.

He said that the traffic police officials had started educating students at different educational institutions in order to inform them about traffic rules. He said that during this campaign, senior police officers not only delivered lectures but also distributed pamphlets and booklet among the students.

Meanwhile, the DIG directed the wardens to take action against violators of traffic rules in accordance with the law and keep a vigilant eye on suspicious vehicles. He said that traffic wardens had also been directed to work with dedication and commitment, and ensure smooth flow of traffic, especially on congested roads.