SHC seeks details of illegal arms case against Zardari's friend

SHC seeks details of illegal arms   case against Zardari's friend

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court has sought details about an illegal arms case pending against a close friend of former president Asif Ali Zardari from a trial court.

A two-judge bench was hearing the application filed by Khan Muhammad Chachar who approached the high court seeking bail after an anti-terrorism court rejected his application.

Chachar was kept under preventive detention for 90 days before he was handed over to police over his alleged involvement in an illegal weapons case.

The applicant's lawyer said that the allegations against his client were unfounded as the grave where his client was alleged to have hidden weaponry was too small to contain such a huge quantity of weapons. He added rocket launchers and mortar shells could not be kept in a small grave.

The Sindh Rangers's lawyer contended that the accused had willfully hidden the weapons, which were to be used in hostile activities. He opposed the applicant's bail plea, saying two prosecution witnesses had already deposed against him.

The Defense police had registered a case against him at the Defense police station for allegedly hiding a large numbers of arms and ammunition in the Gizri Graveyard.