Chinese troops arrive for Pakistan day parade

Chinese troops arrive for Pakistan day parade

ISLAMABAD: A 90-member Chinese troop arrived in Pakistan on Monday to participate in the Pakistan Day parade.

It will be first of its kind event where Chinese troops will take part in the parade on March 23rd.

72 of the 90 members of the Chinese troop will participate in the Pakistan Day processions to be held on Wednesday.

Talking to Chinese media in Pakistan, Major General Li Chan said: “We are here, as representatives of the Chinese public and to make the Pak-China friendship even stronger.”

“We could feel the warmth of the Pak-China friendship upon our arrival in Pakistan,” Major General Chan said. “I hope that the friendship between the two countries thrives and flourishes. Pakistan is China’s closest friend, best neighbour, and strategic ally.”

Earlier this week, contingents of the Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force had reportedly arrived in the federal capital for parade rehearsals, amid strict security measures.

Pakistan Day is a national holiday in Pakistan to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of March 23, 1940, when the Muslim League drafted the political resolution calling for establishing an independent federation.