Sharif brothers will soon be in Adiala Jail: Imran

Sharif brothers will soon be in Adiala Jail: Imran

KARACHI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif will soon be in Adiala Jail if they do not return the embezzled money, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Monday.

He was talking to the media at PS-114, Azam Basti.

“The ruling party and its leaders just come to Pakistan to make money by plundering the public. They then transfer the loot to Switzerland and Panama before fleeing abroad when their rule ends. Within 12 years, we have seen the wealth of the Sharif brothers multiply. From one factory, they have built 30 more. That exponential expansion has taken place under successive regimes,” he said.

Khan said that the rulers had invested their money outside the country. “That is why our country is poor and our young men and women are jobless. Unemployment is increasing day by day,” he said.

“Zardari and Sharifs are the two sides of the same coin, both have plundered their people. People are aware of the ruling party’s corruption that is why they are chanting: Go Nawaz Go,” he said.

“The Mian bothers appeared before the JIT as if they had conquered a country. The turn of the remaining persons will soon come as well,” he said.

Khan said that it was unrealistic to hope that the two parties that had ruled the country for decades would reform themselves. “They have given nothing to the people except hunger and hopelessness. Wake up now and cast your vote for change,” he said.

“We have given you our most sincere political worker. So cast your votes for Najeeb Haroon on July 9,” he said.

He also congratulated the Pakistani people and the cricket team for defeating India. “This nation can do everything if united,” he said.

PTI Karachi Division President Shamim Firdous Naqvi said that the party and its leadership would rid the city of the political mafia.

“The Muttahida Qaumi Movement has been the supporter of every ruling party that came into power after 1984. The party has occupied the land of the Karachi Circular Railway, which had facilitated many people who belonged to middle and lower-middle class,” he said.

“The Karachi mayor is only interested in getting more power rather than resolving issues. Capable men don’t make demands, but deliver,” he said.

Haleem Adil Shaikh congratulated the Pakistani cricket team. “We will soon win another trophy when our candidate Najeeb Haroon is elected from PS-144,” he said.

“People should get rid of the parties of the status quo, who have been ruling for many years, but have done nothing for the public. They have spent millions of rupees on advertisement at a time when the common people are deprived of their basic needs,” he said.

“The politics of target killings have ended. They used to kill people for achieving petty and self-centered interests,” he said.

Resignation: The PIT on Monday demanded the resignation of Intelligence Bureau (IB) director general.

Talking to reporters, PTI spokesman Fawad Chaudhry said that the IB DG had allegedly stolen important documents and then handed them over to Hussain Nawaz. “Hussain Nawaz filed a case in the apex court on the basis of the stolen documents,” he said. “The IB DG is continuously harassing the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) members without any fear and justification,” he said.