Babe-e-Dosti Gate remains closed

Babe-e-Dosti Gate remains closed

CHAMAN: Today is the 13th consecutive day on which Bab-e-Dosti Gate on Chaman Border has remained closed due to tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

NATO supplies, Afghan Transit Trade, movement of people, contact andvarious other activities are on a standstill due to the tensions at the Chaman border.

According to reports, officials from both Pakistan and Afghanistan are carrying out meetings and talks and a flag meeting is underway after which Bab-e-Dosti Gate might be reopened.

The Pakistani delegation will be lead by Sector Commander Brigadier Nadeem Sohail.

Afghan forces martyred over 11 Pakistanis including a soldier and injured several others because of which the already strenuous relations between Paskistan and Afghhanistan became tenser and Bab-e-Dosti was closed without any further notice of opening it.