Security forces, intelligence outfits directed to eliminate terrorists

Security forces, intelligence outfits directed to eliminate terrorists

RAWALPINDI: Search and combing operations in areas of Rawalpindi district have been enhanced and officials have been put on high alert due to the recent upsurge in terrorist incidents in the country.

A conference chaired by Rawalpindi corps commander attended by high-ups of law enforcement agencies was held on Friday to deal with the terrorist threat and to review the security situation and the response mechanism.

Security forces and intelligence outfits have been instructed to further intensify the target operations with the aim to eliminate terrorists and sleepers cells.

As ordered by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) last night, responding to recent the incidents, has order to take action across the country. Following actions have been undertaken:

>IBOs and combining operations are in progress across the country, including Punjab. Over 100 militants have been killed since last night and sizeable apprehensions were also made.

>Intelligence agencies are working to unearth networks behind recent incidents.

>There are linkages of support for these incidents from across the border. The border has been closed since last night due to security reasons. No unauthorised cross border entry will be allowed to Pakistan from Afghanistan. Security forces have been given special orders in this regard to have strict watch all along the border.

>Afghan authorities have been given list of 76 terrorists who have been in hiding since long and planning, directing and supporting terror activities in Pakistan. Afghan government has been asked to target them and hand them over to Pakistan.

>Militants’ hideouts on Pak-Afghan Border have been effectively targeted.

The COAS said, “Army is for the security of Pakistanis against all types of threat. Nation should stay committed, with full confidence in their security forces. We shall not let the hostile agenda succeed whatever it may cost.”