Aitzaz rejects govt stance on Dawn leaks  

Aitzaz rejects  govt stance on Dawn leaks   

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in Senate Aitzaz Ahsan on Friday rejected the government stance on Dawn leaks.

Speaking in the Senate, he said that both the parties to Dawn leaks should appear before Senate. "No one, including the prime minister and army chief, is above the Parliament. People who had nothing to do with the issue were made scapegoats. If any thing was said in the meeting and it found its way to Dawn, then it was a leak. Some one has leaked it. Whether the news item was correct or not, it was against the armed forces. Ministers know nothing about it," Ahsan said.

"The matter has been settled. How can it be settled beyond the Parliament? We do not accept it," he said. Ahsan said that the interior minister should have briefed the Senate on the matter.

Senator Aftab Sheikh said that leakage of a news from the meeting between the PM and security officials was a serious matter. "However, certain circles are trying to claim that differences between the government and army have widened. All the institutions have come to know that they have to work within legal and constitutional parameters. The settlement of the Dawn leaks case has fortified democracy. Democracy has flourished. This is a part of history and it cannot be distorted," he said.