Nawaz speaks of bringing revolution in Pakistan

Former prime minister says 20 crore people real owner of the country and not those who have made country hostage for 70 years

 Nawaz speaks of bringing revolution in Pakistan

LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed to bring revolution and change in the country saying the real owners of Pakistan are its 20 crore people and not a few who have made it hostage for 70 years.

Addressing gathering on his way to Lahore for the last leg of his “GT Road Mission” the former prime minister said that the question is as to who is the real stake holder of Pakistan, its twenty crore people or a few who have been playing with its destiny.

"Today, Nawaz Sharif has come to you. You made Nawaz Sharif the PM, you sent Nawaz Sharif to Islamabad. There is no corruption against me. No irregularities. No discrepancies," he said to loud chants of support from the crowd. "Tell me, do you accept the verdict? Do you accept this insult to your mandate?" the ousted prime minister questioned.

Nawaz lamented that Pakistan was "facing ridicule" around the world because of his removal. "This is a joke. Pakistanis reject this decision. I will see to it that your vote is respected. Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) will see to it," Nawaz vowed.

He said that he served the people day and night and built motorways, highways and took steps to end load shedding and provide cheap electricity. He also asked for the support of his party workers in this struggle and vowed to not deceive or abandon them. He said he always worked for the respect and development of the country, clarifying that he does not accept this insult.

The former prime minister said that there must be a revolution to get rid of this repeated practice of removing the prime minister and restore the honour of the country. He said that the massive presence of people in Muridke, Kamonke, Gujranwala and all along the way is defeat of those who have made the country hostage for 70 years. He said that the warm welcome accorded to him is a prelude to revolution to change the fate of the country.

Nawaz Sharif said that time has come to decide who is the real owner of Pakistan, 20 crore people or it is property of a few and asserted that people of Pakistan cannot be denied of their right. He thanked the people for their support and hoped that they would respond to his call when made and move hand in hand with him.