NAB points finger at Babar Awan in Nandipur scandal

NAB points finger at Babar Awan in Nandipur scandal

ISLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officials told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Wednesday that the national exchequer had faced Rs 113 billion losses in Nandipur power project due to the criminal negligence of the Law Ministry.

During a meeting, the PAC members grilled the NAB officials and said NAB was hand in glove with corrupt mafia.

They said that the department could be activated while removing the corrupt mafia. The meeting was held under Khurshid Shah.

The National Accountability Bureau officials declared the former Law minister responsible for the failure of Nandipur power project.

They said that the project had started in 2004 and the cost had increased to Rs 43 billion. They added that previous government had awarded the contract to a company that was blacklisted in China.

They said that former law minister Babar Awan had put the file of Nandipur power project under the carpet for more than two years. National exchequer faced Rs 113 losses dur to Awan's "negative act". NAB officials also said that the ministry's officers were not cooperating in the investigation.

Azam Swati alleged that the corrupt officials were active in NAB.

An interesting situation arose when PAC sought names of the accused from NAB Director Rizwan, but he refused to disclose the names. However, he informed PAC that NAB had recorded the statements of former PM, law minister and dozens of officers in this regard.