Tortured minor Tayyaba presented in Supreme Court

Tortured minor Tayyaba presented in Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: Child maid Tayyaba who had been tortured by her employer, Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram, was finally brought in front of the Supreme Court on Wednesday

Her medical report, which included the fact that she bore 22 torture marks on her body from burns and bruises, will be submitted to the court with the Chief Justice set to resume hearing her case.

The report also noted that she had a wound measuring one square centimetre near her right eye. It further stated that she had been suffering from mental stress though her condition was now improving.

A man, Azam, also presented himself in the apex court at the time, claiming to be the minor’s father. He said he had allowed his neighbour to take the 10-year-old to look for work.

He claimed that the neighbour had told him that Tayyaba’s work included only babysitting and playing with children.

The Supreme Court had last week issued a suo moto notice on her case after her supposed parents had settled the matter out of court by forgiving the judge and his wife.

However Tayyaba and the father mysteriously disappeared right after an order was issued to present her in front of the court.

She was finally recovered from the suburbs of Islamabad on Sunday by police.