Power generation in Tarbela dam at its lowest levels

Power generation in Tarbela dam at its lowest levels

HARIPUR: Power production capacity at the Tarbela Dam has reached its lowest levels due to the low water levels, forcing 11 power generation units to be shut down.

 According to the details, the water level in the dam has decreased to 1,426.3 feet, due to which only three power generation units are working, producing 297 megawatts, though they are also not working to full capacity.

Dam officials disclosed that owing to the reduced water inflow in the dam, the capacity of power production had to be reduced from 3,478 megawatts to only 297 megawatts.

They pointed out that water inflow was only 16,900 cusec whereas the outflow from the dam was 8,000 cusec.

Dam officials also stated that owing to the low inflow of water they had decreased the outflow into the Ghazi Brotha and the Indus River.

A huge decrease in power generation in the country has created a critical situation leading to increased load shedding. It is expected that the situation would improve after March when temperatures rise and the snow would melt faster.