Government fails to add 3600MW electricity to grid

Government fails to add 3600MW electricity to grid

ISLAMABAD: The sitting government has miserably failed to add 3600MW electricity through Liquefied National Gas (LNG) projects, as recently inaugurated Bhikki power plant has closed only after a few hours of work.

According to the details, the government plan to add 10000MW electricity in the gird till the month of July in 2018 has badly hit owing to the closing of Bhikki power plant.

Presently, the electricity shortfall and load-shedding is the same like the previous PPP government.

The PML-N government is currently facing the same situation like the PPP government.

Recently the government had inaugurated Bhikki, Hoki and Haveli Bahadur Shah LNG power plants.

The Federal government had to complete two plants and one of them was the Punjab government, However, these projects have not been completed yet.

Although, the Bhakki power plant was inaugurated but it will actually take about six to eight months to deliver complete production.

Earlier the government had made tall claims to add 4000MW electricity till April 2017 but so far it has added only 400MW electricity.

On the other hand, experts have viewed that it would be impossible for the government to overcome power load-shedding before the next general elections.