Role of folk wisdom teller in language promotion lauded

‘Sughar can easily conveys dialects of one area to people of other area’

Role of folk wisdom teller in language promotion lauded

MIRPURKHAS: Divisional Commissioner Shafiq Ahmed Mahesar who is also chairman of the Sindh Ajrak Club, has hailed the role played by folk wisdom teller (Sughars) in preservation and promotion of indigenous languages.

Addressing Sindh Sughars Katchery organized jointly by the Sindh Ajrak Club and the Culture Department here at the Cultural Complex, he said that in every area of the world, languages with various dialects were spoken and understood.

He said that English in London city was spoken in eight different dialects, similarly from Ladakh (Hamalyian) to Run of Kuchh, a number of languages with a host of dialects of each was spoken and understood, adding that Sughar had conveyed a dialects of one area to the people of other area.

The commissioner announced that every year, all Sindh Sughar Katchery would be organised at Mirpurkhas under the supervision of veteran Sughar Taj Muhammad Halepota. He praised Sughars for their simplicity in their lives and manners, adding that such austere living was a source of inspiration.

After the demise of renowned educationist Dr NA Baloch, a few government officials who patronised folk literature and Shafiq Mahesar was one of them, said Khaleel-ur-Rehman Mahesar, president of the All Sindh Sughars Association, in his address.

The commissioner, who is also Sajjadah Nassin of Sufi shrine of Mian Ghulam Muhammad Mahesar in Khairpur, had played an important role not only in patronising Sughars but also in preservation of ancient sites of cultural heritage. He appreciated the commissioner for organising All Sindh Sughar Katchery at Mirpurkhas for the first time.

Earlier, Sughar who converged from all over the province enthralled the audience. The Sughar include Taj Halepota, Khaleel Khoso, Qalander Bux Channa, Urs Buledi, Fayaz Mahesar, Ali Gul Gadhi, Ghulam Shabbir Wistro, Allah Ditto Abro, Hakim Ali Qureshi, Gada Hussain Sahto, Ali Gul Bhatti and others.