Ejaz Sher Ali soon to induce Sufism through new album

Howard’s been a great support, for us in western bits of album, says Ustad Sher Ali’s son

Ejaz Sher Ali soon to induce Sufism through new album

LAHORE: Ejaz Sher Ali – the son of Pakistani classical musician Ustad Sher Ali – is to promote Sufism through his new album "The Sufi Spirit" before long with his band RocQawal, which would serene humanity on earth.

The record named Sufi Spirit has been produced by the world-renowned Mark Howard and will spot Ejaz and his band promulgating the message of Sufism to the entire world. This is not the initial time RocQawal has walked into the studio. Ejaz has formerly released two full albums, one Sufi rock record and a singly one characterizing light music and ghazals immediately later than that. Sufi Spirit, nevertheless, brags an eclectic combination of eastern and western aspects.

“This time around, I desired to do something very special and thus, we have recorded the entire album in Denmark,” Ejaz Sher Ali stated, in an interview. “I must say, Howard has been a great support to us when it came to the western bits of the album. I’m well aware of the varying trends in global music and each artist these days is endeavoring to be exclusive, so am I. Having stated that I cannot turn too far from the teachings of my father and my uncle, Meher Ali,” he said.

“I think I’ve been very lucky that my career began under the influence of my family. I’m proud that many others connected with qawwali have either left it or failed to uphold their family legacies but we have stuck through. Every Urs there is in Pakistan; people ask for Sher Ali and Meher Ali,” Ejaz said. “Unnecessary to state, I have learned a great deal from my family. They are the cause my initial two albums did so well,” he said.

Ejaz expressed his experience about his father and uncle:

I was almost six when I began to sit with my father all through performances. I went around the world with him and it always felt great to see people wanted to listen to our music. It isn’t very easy to perform Qawwali but there are fans across the globe. Even those who don’t comprehend its messages enjoy the melody and music.