Everlasting distress on a ‘cloud forsaken’ Sunday

Everlasting distress on a ‘cloud forsaken’ Sunday

A bright sunny morning that embraces your sleep deprived swollen eyes, the minute you flutter open your eyes. To your left is a balcony that blazes with the almighty flares of the brightest star. While on your right, and always on your right, stands still the clock but with a heart beat which is whizzing its pace and with every tick marks a second more that you survived in this cruel world. Before you can even gather your conscience for the day, you are daunted with the worst realisation for the day; it’s Sunday but not a ‘fun-day’ because you have to work and ‘grown up’ life sucks.

 Every bone weakens to the thought of getting out of bed but you drag yourself out because you have no other choice. You haven’t even recovered completely from the revelry of the previous night but these mere excuses aren’t going to work. It is YOU who is going to ‘work’ on a Sunday. Minutes before you start off with your shudder some Sunday, you lay still in bed with eyes gently closed and there’s a flashback of the previous night that forms a smile on your face. For most people, it’s the only motivation that they need for the day.

Jogging up your memory, you remember that on Friday night when you stepped out of work, you had it all planned that on your day off from work, Saturday that is, you were all set to ‘PARTY’.


You race back home and find your friends curled up being all comfy but seeing the look on your face, they quickly pull on their ‘let’s rock’ attire and you head out because the night just began and it’s time for fun.

However, work-life has most people so distressed and drained that you roll into your bed, pull onto the cover once you had tossed away your socks. There, all set for the night.

 Back to the present, you find yourself smiling at your reflection while you brush your teeth sheepishly, as you think of the ‘comforting’ sleep you had. Quite a moment to cherish.

 However, you stop daydreaming and rush to reality. You head off to work continuously repeating just one mantra, “Oh look! Another glorious morning.”

 You get to work and start working like a pro, without taking a break for even a second and making people jealous over your dedication and- okay, back to reality, you just sit back in your chair and stare blankly at the wall, repeatedly questioning yourself ‘Why me?’

Your phone rings several times, every beep making you low because you see texts from your friends that are making plans for the day. Some are already out dining or going to movies while you sit in your chair. You decide to reply back that ‘you are working on a Sunday’ and just imagine if they ask you that what you do there? So you respond back with as:


Whereas, on the inside, you are totally smashing the computers and TV screens.The thought of it doesn’t help at all, so you keep muttering prayers that the electricity needs to have a breakdown so you have your solid reason for to take the rest of the day off.

However, you start replying back to your friends on whatsapp, snapchat, facebook, twitter, kik and every other medium of social media that tends to enlighten your soul on a dreadful Sunday and connect with people that make you feel better. But then, your boss walks in and the smirk on his face takes away all your happiness like a ‘dementor’s kiss’ and you decide to get back to work.


You work, work and work but deep down only you know that you are focusing more at the clock than your work as you anxiously wait for the last hour to come to an end but it feels like an eternity, like you are stuck in an elevator or falling down an endless pit, so basically you are just floating in the air.

However, AT LAST, the clock strikes 8 and it’s finally your hour of escape. It’s your moment of freedom. You can go home and grab some pizza. Or sleep. But just imagine, what if the last minute your boss bombards you with some more work and the deadline is midnight so you cannot go home anymore. While your heart is breaking down into zillions of pieces, all you think of is, ‘how am I still alive?’

You use every inch of your strength to finish your work and its past midnight. You may have successfully finished your entire work while others have partied and enjoyed their Sunday with friends and family. Time to drag yourself back to your hibernation den and before you step out of work, there’s one thought that you are sure of more than anything, that is, ‘You are never coming back here again’. With that decided, you bid goodbye and run like the Flash. But who are we kidding? You need your job. This is just a glimpse of the eerie side of ‘independent’ working life so don’t lose your optimism towards work, being independent is the best achievement and the most liberating feeling unless it’s a Sunday then it’s imprisoning, just kidding.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you can relate to any of this moments on a Sunday then congratulations, you are a grown up and welcome to real life!