Emerging star debuts exciting new track ‘Circus’

‘If music is the soul of love, keep playing’

Emerging star debuts  exciting new track ‘Circus’

Music is not just merely something you move to, or fill the air with during boredom. It’s the art of expressing your inner most secrets, ideologies and insecurities. It’s sharing your deepest emotions with people and getting your views across in the most magical way. Janat Sohail Aziz, a student at the National College of Arts, is an emerging star.

She is a former musician at ‘Nescafé Basement’ and is currently experimenting with a relatively new genre in Pakistan.

Indie music helps her make miracles – her song “Circus” being absolutely bone chilling!

The ideology behind this song is a satirical comment on the consumerist culture.

“Circus” has been brilliantly produced by True Brew Records and the video has been directed by The Retro House Productions. True Brew Records was first conceptualised in 2009, with a vision of becoming the focal hub for all genres of music in Pakistan. True Brew Records aspires to be the first independent music company in Pakistan that provides a diverse array of services to artists, musicians, filmmakers and corporates, including and not limited to musical, aesthetic, production and technical support.

This stunning amalgamation with Janat Sohail Aziz’s track is an eerie experience, forcing us to question this perfect world we have in our heads. 



Published in Daily Times, July 18th , 2017.