A shopper’s paradise!

During my recent visit to the brand’s newest outlet at Packages Mall, I couldn’t help but notice the variety of designs and sizes available for shoes, bags and clothes

A shopper’s paradise!

LAHORE: I am in awe. Pakistani fashion brand Breakout for men, women and children garments, has gone from strength to strength over the years, being successful in mustering a loyal clientele, which keeps coming back for more.

The creative team behind Breakout seems to be playing their cards right – there has been a surge in the number of outlets which are operating in the country. As of now, Breakout has a presence in 16 cities with 46 retail stores of Breakout, 41 retail stores of Kids Breakout and 10 retail stores of East Breakout, which share the company’s quality standards and brand essence, with inspiring collections for women, men and children. Why I say “inspiring”, is because all the apparel and the accessories are on trend, affordable as well as wearable.

During my recent visit to the brand’s newest outlet at Packages Mall, I couldn’t help but notice the variety of designs and sizes available for shoes, bags, clothes and even home décor items. For people who might not be fans of Breakout, let it be known that this particular outlet at Packages Mall, is indeed a shopper’s paradise. There doesn’t seem to be a dull moment at their store, considering the other sought-after brands which the mall houses! And especially ever since the brand has launched its East Breakout collection of eastern prêt and lawn, the brand has experienced skyrocketing sales!

So coming back to my visit to their outlet at the mall, I would particularly like to mention how it’s easier to get lost in a place where there are endless clothes, shoes and bags, available in all sizes, trendy designs and a lot of colours.

“The theme of the outlet is based on the concept of backstage management. If you notice, you’d see that the way every item is displayed, it seems as if all of this is part of a backstage system, where there is no particular harmony in their presentation. We found this concept interesting and unique and decided to go ahead with it,” Breakout Managing Director Ahmer Farooq said, while talking exclusively to Daily Times. “This outlet houses everything, from the brand’s western apparel, to the children’s wear and also the East Breakout collection for the ladies. We’re elated to see so many people coming in day in and day out, and splurging with all their might,” he said. A Spanish retail design firm has developed the concept of the store.

The interior of the new store takes customers on a walk-through to a journey inspired by the backstage of a concert hall where they get to experience exposed walls and ceilings, paired with rugged pillars, stained concrete floors, dramatic colours, props, music and lots of visual treats.

Throughout the store, inspiration tables showcase the latest “key looks” and what’s hot right now.

The new store design delivers a confident, engaging and a relevant experience, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to providing fast fashion at great value and creating a better platform for a continued conversation with its customers.

All this and an affordability check, shopping at this new outlet is nothing less of a fashion nirvana!



Published in Daily Times, July 17th , 2017.