Waqar Zaka celebrates New Year in ‘war-torn’ Syria

Waqar Zaka celebrates New Year in ‘war-torn’ Syria

‘Living on the Edge’ host Waqar Zaka always found a way to stay in the public’s eyes; good or bad, Zaka always spoke his mind.

While everyone was busy preparing their new year resolutions or organising parties, The VJ was on his way to Syria’s war-torn city, Aleppo.

Zaka chose to welcome 2017 with the war-wasted country’s people. He documented his journey to Syria and uploaded the 20-minute video on his official Facebook page. The video shows the host assessing the country’s situation.

“It is difficult to record anything here as the people are educated. They ask multiple questions about the filming of the video, like where would the video be shared and why it is being recorded,” Zaka said.

While he was on his way to Azaz, he said, “It’s not a war zone anymore. No firing, no bombs, but the roads are all deserted.” Upon reaching Azaz, sounds of gunfire and bombing can be heard in the video, which suddenly stops. “If you guys were expecting to find a war, it is over,” he said.

The living on the edge host repeatedly asked where the war, cited by all of the world’s news agencies, was taking place. He told that people, who were once leading lavish lifestyles, were now reduced to living in slums. He also distributed assistance among the affected while saying that the help comes from the Pakistanis.

Watch the video here