The luxurious life  

The luxurious life   

Sir: What an age we live in! There are so many new and amazing online shopping, delivery and taxi services now and it truly feels like Karachi is slowly transforming into a first class city. You want food delivered?

There is an app for that. Your aunt from Defence forgot her medicine at your place? No problem, a rider will pick it up and deliver it. You urgently need medicine? There’s a website for that. You want to go to the Karachi Eat festival but are dreading the traffic? Take an Uber or Careem. Want to buy a phone but are afraid of being mugged? Order online!

Restaurant riders even bring over wireless debit/credit card machines. I recently had an amazing experience of using one of these services. I had to drop off something at my friend’s place in Askari 4 but my brother was busy so I called up TCS Hazir and they picked up and dropped my stuff in an hour and they charged me just 200 rupees. Amazing! What can we expect next? Flying cars? I really hope so.