Traffic sense  

Traffic  sense   

Sir: Roads are made for vehicles but not for vehicles only. There are usually pedestrians too along the roads. Therefore those driving vehicles should take care of themselves as well as pedestrians along the roads.

Vehicles without drivers are in the making. At least, in the present day world, common vehicles are being driven by humans who, while driving vehicles, should have some care for the pedestrians along the roads as pedestrians are humans too.

As vehicular traffic is increasing day by day without any proportion, besides reckless and needlessly speedy driving, there is an increasing trend of vehicles coming from the wrong side of the roads in big cities and towns. Mostly motorbikes come from the wrong side but bigger vehicles also come from the wrong side sometimes.

Needless to say that coming from the wrong side of the roads and opposite to the traffic flow is a very harmful trend both for the vehicles’ drivers and people along the roads. Vehicles are on the roads for human convenience so there should not be any inconvenience to anyone. Those driving vehicles for their convenience should take a little care of others’ convenience too.

Vehicles and motorbikes should not come from the wrong side of the roads. A little care by vehicle drivers is better than drivers’ and pedestrians’ inconvenience.