The menace of weaponisation  

The menace of  weaponisation   

Sir: Last year a citizen was applauded in mainstream media for shooting to death two robbers in Karachi while the Police Chief requested others to follow the suit. It is pertinent to highlight that previous such instances have also been encouraged in the media. What is worthy of consideration here is that there is a difference between appreciating a courageous act, as opposed to encouraging a certain behaviour.

The nation is already trying to come to terms with the rising menace of gun crime, in addition to the ever-prevalent culture of carrying armed guards. Many young lives have been lost in colleges and universities because of easy availability of weapons.

If on top of all that, influential personalities of the community, rather than admitting law enforcement agencies’ failure to curb crimes, publicly encourage civilians to carry arms in this age, then we should seriously ponder about where we are heading as a nation?

Curbing robberies and target killings is the responsibility of the state, and not the job of professors, engineers, doctors or students for that matter.

Why did government burden the masses with hefty budgets? In civilised societies even the police do not carry guns on regular duty these days.