Imposition of emergency  

Imposition of  emergency   

Sir: Dr Shahid Masood mentioned in his TV programme on February 17 that there was a suggestion of imposing emergency in the country which will deprive all citizens of their basic rights. In fact, terrorist acts have significantly gone down after Zarb-e-Azb and recent terrorist acts if compared to previous acts of terrorism and other daily violent crimes are not that serious as to justify depriving the entire population of their basic rights. Terrorist acts are at specific points and get more attention while various violent crimes are reported as if it is a routine matter.

The suggestion is rather ridiculous. Depriving people of their basic rights will have demoralising effects while we need to boost morale of the people for cooperation in fighting terrorism. I hope worthy government will not consider imposition of emergency and concentrate on organising forces to eliminate terrorism.


Rawalpindi Cantt