Injustice by SNGPL  

Injustice by SNGPL   

This is on behalf of my spouse Ghazala Yasmin, House No. 35, Street-3, River Gardens Housing Scheme, Near Kakpul, Islamabad. She had applied for a gas connection in 2015 for which a demand notice was issued by the SNGPL in 2016. Subsequently, we deposited an amount of Rs 25000. After waiting for a long period, we visited SNGPL Humak Sub Division Office several times and submitted a number of applications requesting for the required gas connection but all in vain. Irony of the matter is, that all houses in our street and surrounding have been provided with gas connections. We appreciate SNGPL for this facility extended to our respected fellow neighbours but reserve right to seek your intervention towards apparent discrimination in our case. During our various visits to SNGPL Office, we were told that our housing society (River Gardens) did not submit any layout plan for our house to be connected with the SNGPL system. We contacted our Society Office and we were informed that the Society Administration had already been submitted the required layout plan. We don’t want to be made rolling ball between SNGPL and River Gardens Administration. We are suffering a lot due to this discrimination reason of which is beyond our knowledge. Your kind attention is sought to personally instruct SNGPL officials to solve our problem at the earliest. Here we avail this opportunity to point out that after being disappointed by SNGPL and the River Gardens Administration, we left no option but to seek your intervention.





Published in Daily Times, June 20th, 2017.