Budget and democracy  

Budget and democracy   

Congratulations to finance minister for presenting fifth annual budget and passed without any debate in National Assembly due to boycott of the opposition parties. Perhaps, the finance minister view was that for peaceful transfer of power and consolidation of democracy the best way was to ignore the opposition completely. In a real democracy, opposition is vital part of the system. If no importance is given to opposition’s demands and proposals, it is akin to denial of democracy. Unfortunately, in our country, there is no trace of democratic norms except holding of elections after every five years and formation of majoritarian rule, which is neither representative nor dictatorship. At the best, it could be labelled ‘Mob Democracy’ where majority bulldozes all suggestions of opposition and has its way in everything. Seems that Edmund Burk’s words; the tyranny of multitude is multiplied tyranny fit well on our country.





Published in Daily Times, June 20th, 2017.