Mashal judicial case  

Mashal judicial case   

Sir: Mashal Khan, a 23-year-old Wali Khan University Mardan student, was brutally killed on 13th of April by a mob, including students, staff members of campus on the charge of blasphemy.

However, looking at the sensitive nature of the case, victim’s father Iqbal Khan approached Peshawar High Court seeking for the transfer of the trial from Mardan to Haripur or any other save place for protection of witnesses and lawyers involved in the case. As most number of the accused belong to Mardan.

One of the key witnesses of the lynching case, Ali Nawaz, the hostel warden recently has hit by an unknown car on his way to campus. No wonder, which the culprits are.

Ironically, one surely feels the grief knowing about the moral illness of the accused who desire to hold a musical programme in the day of Marshal’s chehlum, feeling no shame or regret.

The government truly needs to take the sheer accountability and security for eye-witnesses in order to fair trial.