Saving the system

Saving the  system

Sir: Kudos to the social media activism and consistent follow up by few TV channels that Supreme Court took the notice of Tayyaba’ torture case, though I believe that has more to do with the bad name a sitting Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADSJ) was bringing to entire judiciary.

One may presume culprit will be dismissed or punished but will it make any change in the lives of millions of Tayyabas feeding the menace of a generally-accepted child and bonded labour system — very much doubtful. But it’s very depressing to see the whole system has been rotten to the core. It’s a series of crimes committed by those who were supposed to enforce/ uphold or abide by the law. Under pressure from social media and after lodging of a formal complaint, Tayyaba was brought to PIMS for medical check-up — how come PIMS was unable to identify the torture case at that time?

Later same PIMS came up with detailed torture report but only when ordered by Supreme Court. A local MPA arranges a car to bring Tayyaba’ father from home town and provides place to stay near Islamabad till issue is ‘resolved’. A lawyer is appointed on behalf of Tayyaba’ father, Azam; instead of pursuing the torture case, he works to save the unholy alliance of high ups. He prepares an agreement under which Azam ‘unconditionally’ pardons ADSJ’ family. Being illiterate, Azam was totally unaware of the document contents he was made party by affixing his thumb impression.

A man in uniform (apparently a police man) removes SIM from Azam’ phone — means calls between Azam and other people involved in this drama can’t be tracked. Another ADSJ grants pre-arrest bail to the lady (ADSJ Khurram’ wife) accused of torturing the child maid. After receiving the ‘compromise agreement’, within few minutes another ADSJ hands over the child custody to Azam, only to be taken to an unknown place till dust settles down. Later police ‘discover’ the child under intense pressure from| Superior Judiciary.

It all shows the level of wickedness on the part of lower judiciary, lawyers, medical staff, police, member parliament, and who not — all got united to save the system. A single Suo Motu notice can’t solve the core issue — millions of children are working as bonded labor in Punjab’s brick kilns, on Sindhi landlords’ fields, in small restaurants and tea stalls, in auto workshops, in factories and cottage industries, on fish harbours, as garbage pickers — you look around and will find a child working to support his/her family. We, the parents, the judge, lawyer, attorney, police officer, doctor, factory owner, business manager, religious scholar — we all see thousands of Tayyabas and their brothers working around us and move on as it’s someone else problem. Who will take Suo Motu notice against us?


Jubail, Saudi Arabia