Economic performance  

Economic performance   

Sir: There has always been grim news about the economic condition of Pakistan but recently Pakistan’s economy has been improving quite a lot and Pakistan is emerging as a fast growing developing country in the region. The recent good news came from the World Economic Forum, which declared Pakistan ahead of India among the developing economies in the inclusive development index.

Pakistan has been ranked at the 52nd spot, ahead of India among 79 developing economies, according to the World Economic Forum report. It is a proud moment for Pakistan when there are many internal and external challenges that are being faced by our country; this comes as a breath of fresh air and something to hope for that things are moving towards the right direction. With the ongoing CPEC, Pakistan can emerge as an economic power in the region and when our country will move fast towards development, all other major problems will begin to subside. The current pace of improvement should be continued for the prosperity and development of the state and the people.


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