Dengue awareness, eradication  

Dengue awareness, eradication   

Sir: It is generally said and believed that prevention is always better than cure. This is also true in case of dengue fever which can be prevented if all preventive measures, as publicised and told during frequent awareness campaigns by the health officials are taken with due care and attention.

Dengue fever is curable no doubt after proper treatment, but there are some kind of mosquitoes which weaken the dengue patient considerably even if recovers from it. As such, it is better to follow the instructions and ensure water is not stored anywhere inside the house and outside particularly in the small gardens and recreation parks all around. As such, removing the stagnant water and eradication of hot spots inside the houses and on the roofs is the prime duty of the residents.

Cabinet Committee on Dengue in its meeting in Lahore the other day took stock of the situation regarding dengue prevalence in the province and was told that during last six and half months, 37 confirmed dengue patients have so far been reported including 13 in Lahore, 7 in Gujranwala, 4 in Sheikhupura and one in Rawalpindi.

According to the reports, the meeting was also informed that dengue outdoor and indoor surveillance is continuing in in the sensitive districts due to which dengue larvae reporting has increased, however some districts still need to improve data reporting regarding dengue patients and larvae.

Provincial Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Minister Khwaja Salman Rafique while presiding over the meeting quite rightly stressed the need of concerted joint efforts by the government departments as well full community participation to control dengue.

Quite obviously, in the wake of recent heavy rains which have increased the chances of dengue breeding, more vigorous dengue surveillance is required by the health officials, administrative departments concerned as well as the citizens at large. Closer cooperation between the citizens and the health officials and adoption of maximum preventive measures will certainly greatly help in checking and controlling dengue fever outbreak.

Provincial Health Department launches regularly dengue awareness campaigns and preventive and curative measures to ensure its eradication at the earliest possible and the people in their own and their families interests should fully cooperative in these anti-dengue measures and adopt maximum preventive measures. Though it may not be eliminated altogether but at least cases of dengue fever can be brought down by adopting preventive and curative measures to the maximum extent.





Published in Daily Times, July 16th , 2017.