Afghan refugees

 Afghan refugees

Sir: Pakistan saw a massive influx of refugees from Afghanistan during 1980s. Currently, there are about 1.5 million registered and 1.7 million unregistered Afghans still living on Pakistan soil.

Pakistan has set up more than five hundred schools for Afghan children and there are more than 550 hospitals exclusively made for afghan refugees. 40 percent of Afghanistan is out of Kabul administration’s control. Taliban are on the front foot and are gaining more and more territories.

Russia, China, Pakistan, USA and the Afghan government are looking for more options to streamline Taliban and other resistance forces. Forced repatriation and humiliating the Afghan refugees present in our country, can be disastrous for Pakistan, as the only beneficiary of such policies will be Pakistan’s eastern neighbour and other international players in this situation. Thus, I request the government of Balochistan to not register any more refugees and control the situation at home first.


Kech, Turbat



Published in Daily Times, September 13th 2017.