Silent infection  

Silent infection   

Sir: Hepatitis is a serious global health problem. At present, six distinct type of hepatitis have been identified and named as hepatitis A, B, C, D, E and G viruses. Hepatitis is the most dangerous because it is a Silent Infection, which can infect people without them knowing it. It causes chronic liver diseases and liver cancer.

Globally, 2.2 percent of the world’s population is suffering from hepatitis C. The disease is becoming a major health problem of developing countries including Pakistan that has the second highest prevalence rate of hepatitis C. More than 15 million people are suffering from hepatitis C are in Pakistan and the world health organisation has put the country on the list of red zone countries where more people are affecting from hepatitis each passing day.

The main reason in the spread of disease is the lack of awareness among people. Along this, Unhygienic environment, reuse of syringes, injections, drips, needles, unsterilised equipment, use of contaminated water and improper use of razors by barbers are some major factors responsible for the widespread prevalence of hepatitis C and hepatitis B in Pakistan.

Education is very important to cope up with the situation. The more people are literate about the consequences of this disease the more they follow preventive measure. It is important to screen the blood properly before transfusion and adopt sterilisation measures during dental and surgical procedures. Use of clean and boiled drinking water is also highly recommended. Early diagnosis is crucial as proper treatment at this stage can lead to optimum recovery. The role of health care professional is also very significant in alleviating the prevalence and burden of hepatitis C from Pakistan.