Ruthe Pfau  

   Ruthe Pfau   

Sir: Abus Star Edhi and Madam Ruth Pfau are the symbol humanity in Pakistan and abroad. Both they humanity a lots and have spent their whole life for humanity.

The sad demise of Ruth Pfau is indeed a great loss for all the us and humanity lovers as well. She served humanity without any discrimination, she never thought about Hindu, Sikh, Muslism or else, she served leprosy patients without any perk.

In 1960, aged 31, she decided to dedicate the rest of her life to the people of Pakistan and their battle against leprosy outbreaks. While in Karachi, by chance she visited the Lepers’ Colony behind McLeod Road (now I.I. Chundrigar Road) near the City Railway Station. Here she decided that the care of patients would be her life’s calling. She started with medical treatment for the leprosy patients in a hut in this slum.

Let us vow to take up the legacy of these angels of Mercy. Let us vow to make this soul a stronghold of peace and tranquility. Let us make this a utopia where peace prosperity and harmony prevail.


Mirpur Mathelo